• Making a Booking With Us
    We've tried to make our website very easy to use. To get started simply put your dates and the number of bedrooms you need into the search box and click on the "Check Availability" button. This will then show you a list of all the homes we have available for your dates. If you want to further refine your search you can use the advanced search options too.

    Bookings can be made, paid for and confirmed on line or you can call our office on 863 424 0008 if you have any questions or need advice on any aspect of your vacation home.

    A lot of our homeowners make use of our online calendar to keep their availability up to date and on these homes we can offer you the convenience of online booking 24 hours per day. We also have access to additional homes that may also be available for your dates but we need to verify the availability with the home owner. So if you don't see anything online that you like please feel free to call our office on 863 424 0008 and speak to one of our reservation staff or fill out the form here to contact us and we will have a representative get in touch with you.
  • Pool Heaters
    For pool homes rented between October and April you will find the pool water cold and we recommend that you order the optional pool heating. When you book and pay for this option the local management company will switch on the pool heater on the day you arrive and turn it off on the morning you depart.

    The pool heater operates on a timer and in the winter months this is set to come on around 8am and go off around 10pm. In the coldest winter months heating the pool can be a problem. Florida has a temperate climate but we do get cold fronts coming in from the north that can bring overnight low temperatures in the 30's and 40's - these can last for several days. Under these circumstances there is no way the pool heater will be able to keep the water at 86 degrees. Electric pool heaters have a thermal cut-out that stops them operating when the air temperature falls below 50 degrees.

    A standard private swimming pool contains on average 10,000 gallons of water so heating it up is NOT instantaneous. A typical electric heater will generally raise the water temperature around 10 - 12 degrees per day and there will be some cooling off overnight when the air temperature drops. It's not unusual for a pool to take two days to reach it's optimal operating temperature of 86 degrees.

    If the pool heater suffers mechanical failure then the local property manager will use their best endeavours to find a licensed contractor to make a repair. Parts may be required and they may have to be ordered - repairs cannot always be made the same day they are reported. You will receive a refund for any days where the pool heater was inoperable due to mechanical failure. Please note that cold weather does NOT constitute a mechanical failure and no refunds will be given for problems that are due to cold weather.

    So what do you do if you have paid for pool heating and the pool isn't getting warm? Firstly check the weather forecast and make a decision on the pool heating. Do you really want to jump into a pool when the outside temperatures are in the mid fifties?? Call the local property manager and ask them to make sure that the heater is not malfunctioning and they will send someone over to check it out. Please believe what they tell you - it may not be what you want to hear but no-one can control the weather and they will not call out an engineer (which has to be paid for) unless they are sure that the pool heater is not working. They will take the water temperature in the morning and return later that day to take it again - if it has increased then the pool heater is doing it's job (and using elctricity!!) so if you leave it on you will not be refunded.

    Your property manager will turn off the pool heater on your request and arrange for a refund for any UNUSED days between the day it's turned off and the day you check out. It's up to you to consider the weather you are experiencing and decide if you want to continue having the pool heater operate. Frankly if the day time highs are only in the sixties it's unlikely that you will benefit from leaving the pool heater on.

    Some homes provide pool covers - if yours has one then use it! They should be put on, bubble side down, whenever the pool is not in use. The cover helps to retain the heat in the pool and will assist you in getting the pool up to temperature as quickly as possible as well as helping to keep it there.

    If you home comes with an in-ground spa then this uses the same pool heater. If you have not paid for pool heating then the pool heater will not be turned on and the spa will not get hot. Under normal pool operation the spa and pool water will be the same. Spas can be made to get hotter than the regular pool and this is achieved by a system of valves. When the spa is turned on the water flow to the pool is shut off and just the spa water is circulated through the heater. This is a smaller volume of water and so it will get hotter quicker. Spa's are usually heated to around 102 degrees. Again - this is NOT instantaneous, it will need to run for a while to get hot.

    Please be aware that when the heater is in spa mode all the heat is diverted to the spa - the pool will not be heated so do not leave the heater in spa mode permanently.

    Final note on pool heating: Pool controls vary greatly from home to home so if you are uncertain how to operate the controls please call the local property manager for help and advice.
  • Standard Reservation Fees
    Accidental Damage Waiver: This is a non-refundable, one-time fee of $55.00 for accidental damages that may occur during your stay. No security deposit will be charged to the guest by 1st For Orlando. Please inform 1st For Orlando of any accidents that may have occurred during your stay in the home as soon as you become aware of them and there will be no additional fees. ADW does not include malicious/intentional damage or theft and is limited to $500 of repair/replacement costs.

    Booking Fee: This is a one time fee of $50.00 for administrative services including confirmations, updates, change requests, and check in preparation.

    Cleaning Fee: A clean fee will apply as a one time charge to any reservation that is booked for less than 6 nights duration. The cleaning fee amount charged is based on the size of your rental unit. When making your reservation the cleaning fee would be automatically added to the total of your reservation and will be displayed on your booking form total. Any stay 6 nights or more is not subject to a cleaning fee charge. The clean will be performed before arrival and after departure.
  • Optional Extras
    Early Check in / Check out Fee: Normal check in time is 4pm and check out is at 10am. For $35 you can book an early check in fee and check in from 2pm. You can also book a 12 noon check out for $35. Both of these options can be booked online when you make your reservation.

    For guests with very early arrivals or late flights home we will try our best to offer earlier check in or later check out. The cost for this is $60 for either option and MUST be pre-arranged by calling your reservationist - it cannot be booked online. These requests will not be able to be confirmed until 3 days prior to your arrival. If this is something that you simply must have then you should book an extra day's rental to ensure your requirements are met. Call your reservationist for advice.

    Cribs, High Chairs and Gas Grills:For those guests that need them we can rent out cribs, highchairs and gas grills for the duration of your stay. Order these as required when you make your reservation or call your reservationist to add them later if you forgot to order them. Please note that for ease of transportation we use pak 'n' play cribs.


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